5 Reasons Drinking More Water Will Change Your Life

Not enough is the most popular answer I receive when I ask my clients how much water they drink.  

It's easy to forget to hydrate through the distractions of the day.  The most amazing thing is that our body's adapt to how much water we drink, so we adapt to being dehydrated.  We stop getting thirsty and small changes that happen to our health - like fatigue, headaches, constipation, poor digestion and changes to the skin - are not often attributed to not drinking enough water.

It wasn't too long ago I also wasn't drinking enough water and I had lots of excuses to validate why it wasn't a priority.  Finally, after a dehydration headache (by which time you get them it's too late to rectify!), I promised to give my body the water it needed.  It took about 1 week for my body to adapt to the increased water, and for my innate thirst to come back.  Yes, increased urination happens at the start, but it's just your body readjusting!  Don't let that be a reason to give up - be encouraged that your cells are dropping all the dirty water they've been holding on to!  I drink around 4 litres of water daily and the changes I have noticed are phenomenal.  Not only do I have more energy and am more mentally alert, I have noticed that the dark circles in my inner eye lighten and darken according to my hydration! 

So, here's 5 reasons why drinking water will change your life!

1. Your posture suffers when you're dehydrated!

Your muscles hold your bones in place, and when you're dehydrated your muscles don't have the capacity to do this properly.  Our posture suffers, and your posture actually has a direct effect on your hormone production and mood.  

2. Dehydration is a huge factor in constipation!

When your body is dehydrated, it will draw water from the colon in order to provide water for other bodily processes.  This hardens the stool and can create constipation.  (Lack of movement, fibre and increased stress are also big implications in constipation).

3. You have a higher risk of joint damage when you're dehydrated!

As above, the body will draw water from wherever it can to maintain bodily processes.  Not only will it draw from the colon, but also from the joints - increasing the risk of arthritis and joint degradation.

4. Your energy and brain function will improve with more water!

Your brain is mostly water, and drinking more of it will improve your focus and concentration.  Your capacity to flush toxins out of the body is increased when you drink more water, which also has an effect on your energy levels.  

5. Your skin health will improve!

With more water, your skin will be more moisturised and the complexion may even out due to your increased capacity to flush out toxins via the kidneys.  This not only makes you feel amazing on the inside, but also can change the composition of your sweat, which can reduce reactions your skin might have to your sweat.  Wrinkles may even reduce as often these arise due to dehydration. 

Drink more!

In the clinic, we recommend drinking 1L of water per 20KG of body weight.  Get to know your hydration levels by looking at the colour of your urine.  When you're hydrated, your urine is a straw-like colour - very light and transparent.  

TIP: Don't try to drink your day's worth of water in 2 hours as you will certainly urinate it all out, and with increased urination you will lose more water-soluble nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins.  

Let us know the benefits you notice with increased water!

There's nothing more simple to do to improve your health.

PS - Ensure you're drinking filtered water free from harsh chemicals and toxins.

By Emily Banks (Principal Consultant)

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