Weight Loss

The most lucrative part of the health industry - weight loss is a common complaint, and there's a million different options when it comes to quick-fix dieting to get results that will last for the weekend.  

At Verve, we have an entirely different approach to weight loss, which encompasses actually understanding your relationship with food, deciphering how well you recognise your body's natural signals of hunger and fullness, and educating you about how to properly nourish your body for life.  

Statistics are terrifying when it comes to dieting - over 90% of people that follow restrictive dieting will end up putting on all the weight they lost one year after stopping the restrictive dieting practices.  It can be awkward explaining why diets don't work.  We advocate non-dieting and our Weight Management expert, Wendy, is walking, talking proof that this approach can help you to loose weight and keep it off in the long-term.  

By retraining your brain to understand your body's signals, by working with your body to support and nourish it rather than starve it, and using specific dietary and lifestyle advice to help balance your metabolism (which is very much needed if you have been a yo-yo dieter), you'll be making positive changes in your weight through self-love, knowledge and sustainable techniques, such as mindful eating, intuitive eating & EFT (tapping to change neural pathways and create new habits).

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Disclaimer: We treat the individual, and each individual's response and results are unique.  Results vary person to person, just as our genes, personalities and habits do.