Stress & Anxiety

The triggers of mental, emotional and physical stress are as broad and unique as each individual.  We all have different pressures and stresses, put on ourselves by circumstances, our own expectations or something else entirely.  Mental and emotional stress creates physical stress within the body, meaning that the body actually produces stress hormones in response to feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  As adaptive beings, we often get used to functioning under stress, and become relatively unaware of how much stress and pressure is in our lives.  In this instance, your practitioner can see if the body is displaying imbalanced stress responses, even though you may not identify with being stressed.

Common symptoms of imbalanced stress response include: heart palpitations, poor sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, digestive problems, and irregular bowel motions, to name a few.  Many herbs and nutrients can help to bring balance and restoration to a body that is stressed mentally, physically and emotionally.  A stressed body requires more nutrients, commonly including magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and zinc - which are utilised heavily in the stress response.

A splash of woo-woo

Our practitioners are also trained in Australian Bush Flower Essences & Bach Flower Essences, which are utilised to assist in shifting emotional blocks.  At Verve, we also take into account your constitution, which we believe plays an important role in your innate bodily challenges and strengths, and how you learn and grow.