Personalised Health Profiling

Helping you to understand your body in ways you never have before...


Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed and unmotivated by all of the conflicting health information out there?

How long have you wondered what is really right for your body?  

What if we could tell you that, in just an hour and a half?

Personalised health profiling is a tool we utilise at Verve to uncover your unique genetic make-up, and offer a complete lifestyle solution best suited to you. The tool we use to gather this information and give you accurate, personalised advice is called ph360, which stands for personalised health from a 360 degree (full circle) perspective.

What is ph360?

ph360 is a comprehensive personalised health platform that, in addition to looking at foods that are best for your body, encompasses exercise regimes, sleep schedules, ideal climate, and a detailed understanding of your brain at work, in social situations and in general.  It allows us to literally provide a guideline for your health and wellbeing.

If getting up at 5AM is something that has always been difficult for you – guess what – it’s highly likely that your body type works best with more stimulation in the evening and a slower start to the morning!  No longer do you have to try to fit an image of health that doesn't feel natural.  We are all different, and just as your genes are unique, so is the lifestyle best fitted to you

How will it change my life?

With the ph360, you can:

  • Understand your body and mind on a level never before possible

  • Confidently take action in shaping your habits and diet around your body

  • Alter your diet and environment to best suit your unique genetic make up

  • Reduce your genetic vulnerability to disease

  • Improve your communication with others through understanding how your mind works

  • Uncover and optimise your mental and physical strengths

How does it work?

We use special software to calculate your bio-trend or body-type from your ancestry, family medical history, current state of health, and specific psychological and physical measurements.  The ph360 has loads and loads of scientific backing, We take measurements, ask questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment and lifestyle. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process, and calculated using a combination of Western genetics and Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic principles. This data is then used to calculate your current state of health and corresponding health advice. In short, it measures your genes, how they are currently behaving, and guidance on what to do to put your genes in their optimal state to unlock your potential.

What will I get out of it?

The ph360 specifically:

  • Offers personalised information around your innate strengths and weaknesses on a physical, social and psychological level

  • Details of the best time to do things and way to do things for your body to thrive

  • Connects you with the things that you are naturally great at, and how to optimise those skills and strengths, from career objectives to social situations

  • Provides a personalised food guide, designed around your unique self to enhance your genes and health

  • Lists what foods to eat, how, when!

  • Explores what exercises will be most beneficial to your body and goals

  • Isolates how you will feel when you are out of balance, and what to do to avoid this

  • Schedules what activities to focus on at what times of the day – from waking to eating to working, relaxing and exercising!

  • Tells you when during the day is best to eat, drink and avoid food altogether

  • It supports you through each day with an easy-to-use virtual assistant app on your smartphone that gives you tips and reminders in addition to your personalised profile information

This specific lifestyle and dietary advice, based on your unique genetics allows you to get the most out of your mind, body and life.

What do genes have to do with it?

We are a huge bundle of genes that not only make up who we are, but also make us more vulnerable to certain diseases. Science has associated particular genes to a number of health concerns such as obesity, mental health concerns, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease (just to name a few) and although the mechanism of action is not completely understood, we do know our environment plays a huge role.

An easy way to think of genes is imagining a huge bank of lights where at any one time, some are turned on and some are turned off.  Not all genes that we have in our body are expressed, or turned on, so you could have a gene associated with a health concern but not be experiencing symptoms. The environment that we are in (including food, exercise, climate, rest and mindset) can have a huge impact on the expression of our genes and potential for disease.  With all of the information that the ph360 provides, we are able to adjust your internal and external environment to optimise your genes and improve your health.

A healing state, created just for you...

Regardless of your condition, your body needs to be in a state of rest and calm in order to heal. ph360 gives you the information to use to reduce stress and inflammation, and give your body the environment it needs to address many health conditions, such as fatigue, poor sleep, body fat, digestive issues, foggy brain function, and your health as a whole.

How do I easily access all this information?

All the data collated about you is made easy to access by using the application Shae - Virtual Health Assistant. Shae digs into your ph360 profile and prompts you throughout the day with health tips personalised to your genes, and your current health.  It's kind of like having your own user manual that you can carry around with you.  It literally couldn't be easier! There's even a list of recipes you can filter through, and you can even create a meal plan.

Ready to know yourself deeply?

Get your profile done and live the lifestyle that is specifically for you.

You can have your personalised health profiling done at any point, with or without Naturopathic treatment.

We love to do this testing at the start of our treatment process as we can learn so much more about you, and how to tailor our treatment and education to your needs.

We also run exclusive 12-week ph360 group coaching programs, which include specialised support and coaching to get the most out of your unique profile & reach your goals.

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