Weight Management

Weight Management


Valued at over $2,000, this package has been designed to provide the essential support for men and women looking to implement the necessary lifestyle changes to effectively manage weight and health.  Whether you have been experiencing a health complaint that may be related to weight, are feeling uncomfortable about your weight or are tired of the up and down restrictive dieting process, this package provides a holistic approach to achieve increased health and wellbeing over the course of your whole life. Our weight management packages are run by our in-clinic expert, Wendy Burke, who has a depth of personal and professional experience in what is required to realistically approach and achieve health goals long-term, especially those focused around weight

Wendy uses her expertise as a Nutritionist, Naturopath, and Personal Trainer, to inspire, motivate and educate you on your path to wellbeing, with a balanced understanding that your reasons to make positive, healthy changes in your life must be motivated from a foundation of self-love and acceptance. 

Different to restrictive dieting or other weight control programs, Wendy utilises many tools and techniques throughout this treatment program to ensure that the mind and body are at peace, and you are equipped with a deeper understanding of your own eating habits, emotional connections to food, and ways to break these unwanted patterns.  Not only will she teach you a totally new approach to health and nutrition, but she provides the space to truly discover and accept your Self; the core of you that must be nurtured and loved in order for positive change to truly be adhered to. 

An amazing practitioner, Wendy can help you change your life.

This package covers six months of treatment.  We do not offer this package in any less length than this, as it is vital that you make this timely commitment to yourself in order to get a foot forward in this aspect of health. 

This package includes:

  • 1 x Initial consultation - an hour deep-dive into everything there is to know about your life, diet, stress, sleep, body & health concerns.
  • 1 x Testing consultation - 30 minutes of in-depth in-clinic testing, where we are able to view objective signs of health, such as inflammation, nutritional status, gut status and immune function.  We also check your blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • 1 x Report of Findings consultation - 30 minutes of thorough explanation and transparency about what factors in your life and health are causing and attributing to your health concerns, how everything is connected and what we will be doing in a step-by-step process to treat the cause for long-lasting change.
  • 1 x Personalised Treatment Plan - designed uniquely around your body, your needs and your goals.  We present this to you in your Report of Findings, so that both you and your practitioner are on the same page about treatment and outcomes.
  • 2 hours Naturopathic case analysis (outside of consultation) - our practitioners brainstorm, assess and piece together your comprehensive case history. 
  • Blood screening - Offered as part of our Testing Consultation, we can see objective signs of health, such as immune function & inflammation
  • Iridology
  • Tongue analysis
  • Nail analysis
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Blood sugar reading
  • State of health graph
  • Personalised affirmation card
  • 500 hair test (valued at $285) + $100 voucher towards your 500 Hair Retest (recommended at 6-9 monthsor ph360 testing (Wendy will discuss which testing option is best for your needs)
  • First month progress report
  • 9 Follow Up Consultations (fortnightly for the first 3 months, then monthly for 3 months)
  • Personalised nutritional support
  • Emotional eating education and handouts – uncovering your patterns and connections to food and binging, to more effectively work to change these habits
  • Mindful eating techniques and handouts – teaching you how to build solid foundations around the process of eating, and understanding your body’s innate signals around eating, which helps to reduce binging
  • Tapping education – an evidence-based technique to assist in creating new habits through neural connections
  • Exercise recommendations – based on your body type and goals
  • 6-month case review, with follow up blood screening & testing

Costs of prescribed medicaments not listed above, including herbal remedies and nutritional supplements, are not included in this package as prescriptions are unique to each individual, especially when it comes to hormone health.



If you are covered for Naturopathy with your private health fund, we will provide you with a receipt for manual claiming of this package.

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