The Whole Shi-Bang! Package

The Whole Shi-Bang! Package


Notice that there's no specific condition we are advertising here as part of our package?  That's because every person is different, and at Verve, this is our main focus.  We aren't focused on the name of a condition you have - we are focused on you, and all of feelings and parts of your life that make you.. you.  

So, we decided to do something different (as usual) and make our packages reflect a commitment of time, because the only thing that we know doesn't differ person to person is that...

change takes time.

That's why we've created this all-inclusive package, so that all you need to focus on is making the changes your body needs, with all of your visits planned out and accounted for so that you can feel the difference you've been longing for.

Valued at over $1,300, The Whole Shi-Bang! package is perfect for you if you are ready to commit 100% to bettering your body, mind, nutrition and lifestyle, and feeling better than ever, as soon as possible

The Whole Shi-Bang! package covers everything you need to explore the depths of your health and how to get you back on track, and to have the time, accountability and support to integrate these changes and step into the power you already have to care for yourself on a deep, ever-lasting level.

A little different to our other packages, The Whole Shi-Bang! is designed for those that want it ALL and are ready to shift into their new state of health with power and grace.

This package includes 2 months’ treatment with Acupuncture & Naturopathy services combined; the perfect synergy for beautiful change.

The Whole Shi-Bang! includes:


  • 1x Initial Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation + Treatment (90 minutes)

  • 5x Follow Up Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments (45 minutes)


  • 1 x Initial & Testing consultation - an hour deep-dive into everything there is to know about your life, diet, stress, sleep, body & health concerns + 30 minutes of in-depth in-clinic testing, where we are able to view objective signs of health, such as inflammation, nutritional status, gut status and immune function. We also check your blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

  • 1 x Report of Findings consultation - 45 minutes of thorough explanation and transparency about what factors in your life and health are causing and attributing to your health concerns, how everything is connected and what we will be doing in a step-by-step process to treat the cause for long-lasting change.

  • 1 x Personalised Treatment Plan - designed uniquely around your body, your needs and your goals. We present this to you in your Report of Findings, so that both you and your practitioner are on the same page about treatment and outcomes.

  • State of Health graph - to show you how each major system is shaping up, and what systems need support

  • 3x Follow Up consultations - to track your progress, keep you accountable and continue supporting your growing health & vitality

  • 2-Months’ Supply of Personalised Herbal Medicine - tailored around your individual needs, we custom blend our herbal remedies to give your body the support it’s asking for

Your practitioner may recommend additional supplemental support. We only include herbal medicine in this package as we can tailor this specifically to your needs. Not all supplements have this flexibility of prescribing, so anything that your practitioner feels is necessary for you to take alongside your herbal medicine, they will discuss and prescribe for you in your consultation. The cost of any additional supplements will be charged separately to your package.

Optional Extras - You can add the 500 Hair Test to this package for just $250 (save $35).

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PACKAGE.  Please let us know if you would prefer to be put onto a payment plan, as we can work repayment schedules out according to your needs.  Please note a 50% deposit must be paid to begin this package.

What about private health?  

If you are covered for Naturopathy & Acupuncture with your private health fund, we will provide you with a receipt for manual claiming of this package. Alternatively, we can give you an on the spot rebate and add the rebate as credit to your account to use on products and services within the clinic.



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