ph360 Personalised Health Testing

ph360 Personalised Health Testing

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This package is best suited to reasonably healthy individuals who are pro-active about their health and wellness, and are looking for ways to optimise their nutrition and lifestyle.

Personalised health profiling is a tool we utilise at Verve to uncover your unique genetic make-up, and offer a complete lifestyle solution best suited to you. The tool we use to gather this information and give you accurate, personalised advice is called ph360, which stands for personalised health from a 360 degree (full circle) perspective.

The ph360 is incredibly comprehensive - read all the details here.

The ph360 specifically:

  • Offers personalised information around your innate strengths and weaknesses on a physical, social and psychological level
  • Details of the best time to do things and way to do things for your body to thrive
  • Connects you with the things that you are naturally great at, and how to optimise those skills and strengths, from career objectives to social situations
  • Provides a personalised food guide, designed around your unique self to enhance your genes and health
  • Lists what foods to eat, how, when!
  • Explores what exercises will be most beneficial to your body and goals
  • Isolates how you will feel when you are out of balance, and what to do to avoid this
  • Schedules what activities to focus on at what times of the day – from waking to eating to working, relaxing and exercising!
  • Tells you when during the day is best to eat, drink and avoid food altogether
  • It supports you through each day with an easy-to-use virtual assistant app on your smartphone that gives you tips and reminders in addition to your personalised profile information

This specific lifestyle and dietary advice, based on your unique genetics allows you to get the most out of your mind, body and life.

The ph360 package includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute initial consultation (to take your measurements, complete your questionnaire and set up your profile). At the end of the consult you will have access to your personalised dietary and lifestyle interventions, both through your computer and the supporting Shae phone app. 
  • Access to the app Shae for a full year
  • 1 x 45 minute follow up consultation covering a full explanation of your profile and individualised goal setting.  (There is a HUGE amount of information on your ph360 profile and it can be overwhelming and it can be confronting.  This appointment is to work out the most important goals for you and work out the steps needed using the ph360 information to achieve them).
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up consultation (to make sure you're on track - and to cover any further questions).

Subsequent follow up appointments are all then based around YOU, YOUR needs and YOUR goals. 

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