Balance Packages

Balance Packages

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Just like Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is built on the knowing that each individual is unique in their presentation.  One symptom, although it may be common, can develop from many different variables, including lifestyle, health history and the individual’s constitution. 

We pay close attention to the cause of the symptom, not just the symptom alone.  Without identifying and treating the cause, the symptom is sure to return.

During your Acupuncture treatment, Sian may combine moxibustion, cupping, gua sha (to improve circulation), electroacupuncture (involves a small electric current pulsed through acupuncture points) and tui na (Chinese remedial massage) to best suit your needs.

Many seek out Acupuncture for common symptoms, such as:

  • fatigue

  • hormone imbalance

  • infertility

  • musculoskeletal tension

  • headaches / migraines

  • sleep disturbances

  • high and chronic stress

  • digestive problems

  • dizziness

  • nausea

… just to name a few!

We believe consistency is key - and with these packages, you will not only save a bit of dough, but you will see the enhanced effects of Acupuncture with consistent treatment.

Your package includes:

1x Initial Acupuncture Consultation and Treatment (60 minutes, includes thorough consultation about your medical history, concerns and lifestyle, as well as treatment which may include any of the techniques listed above)

2x-5x Follow Up Acupuncture Treatments (45 minutes in length, Sian will track your progress and adapt treatment as necessary)

At Verve, we love to help you know yourself a little better. Sian shares the inner workings of your body and mind from an Eastern perspective, and each treatment includes a treatment outline to show her findings and recommendations in getting you back to balance.

If you are covered for Acupuncture with your private health fund, we will provide you with a receipt for manual claiming of this package. Alternatively, your private health rebates can be used as credit towards any service at Verve (including further Acupuncture visits!).

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