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Emily Banks

Emily is the Owner and Directing Naturopath of Verve Natural Health.  Through her own experience with Naturopathy at a young age (which you can read all about here), Emily began her studies to become a Naturopath at the ripe age of 17.  After working in the industry in Technical Support, writing and educating practitioners and assisting in research and development, Emily moved to the Sunshine Coast to practise in a multi-modality clinic.  After a few years, Verve was born and has continued to grow with love, helping people all across the globe experience the healing power of natural medicine.

After years of being tossed around the medical system, Emily was liberated when she found natural medicine to help heal her self. Being diagnosed with depression in her early teens, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis a few years later, Emily draws on her own journey in overcoming and managing these aspects of her health to deeply connect with her clients and guide them to sustainable approaches to know, love and care for themselves, naturally.

Emily is incredibly passionate about innovation in the natural health industry.  Through her own experience as a Naturopath and business owner, Emily ended up creating healthcare software to use in her own clinic, which ended up becoming a second business due to its demand in the industry. 

It’s Emily’s mission to connect as many people in this world as possible to their innate wisdom of Self, and the healing power of Nature to help restore, rebalance and repair.

To accommodate her busy life, Emily takes Monday and Tuesday to restore mind and body in nature with her fur baby, Plum (who you might see in clinic from time to time!).

Emily is available for consultation from Thursday-Saturday.

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Wendy Burke

Wendy is Verve's weight management specialist, as well as an amazing Naturopath, Nutritionist, ph360 Supercoach and Personal Trainer.  Wendy brings to Verve a wealth of experience in more areas than health.  A mother of two beautiful young boys, a go-getter and a country gal, Wendy knows patience, perseverance and drive like no one else.  Swapping her corporate life for textbooks, Wendy opened many doors over the years spent studying nutrition, personal training, weight management, and naturopathy. 

Through non-dieting techniques, Wendy is one of the few (roughly 5% actually) that has managed to lose a considerable amount of weight and successfully keep it off (you can read all about her story here).  Wendy truly speaks and practises from the heart when helping people move towards the life-changing choice of health and wellness. 

Working closely with Glenn Mackintosh (the psychologist on The Biggest Loser) as a Trainer, Wendy brings to the table professional and personal experience in rising to the challenge of creating a better life for yourself, and understanding how to make that change stick.

Becoming a ph360 coach was a pivotal journey for Wendy, and the knowledge and expertise she brings to the clinic from this is essential to Verve's holistic approach.  

When she's not in the clinic, you can find Wendy working out with her gym family, or spending quality time with her actual family.

Wendy is available for consultation Tuesday evenings, Monday & Thursday.