The Guts of Us - An Active Approach to Better Digestion

The Guts of Us - An Active Approach to Better Digestion

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Are you one of the millions of people suffering from digestive upset? 

  • Pain
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Constipation 
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Reflux

The list can go on and on - and you're not alone!  Our digestive system affects every other system in our body.  

Did you know the nervous system and digestive system are intrinsically connected?  

What about the fact that about 90% of our immune cells are in our intestines!? 

Did you know hydrochloric acid secretion (AKA stomach acid) decreases with age?  And, without stomach acid we can't absorb many important nutrients, like B12 and Calcium?

Our founder, Emily Banks, found her way into Naturopathy after being treated for severe digestive concerns in her teen years.  When the medical system couldn't provide any answers, she realised she wasn't sick enough to get good help, but not well enough to go on with her life.  After seeing a Naturopath, her problems resolved quickly and she realised how much all other aspects of her health were affected - like immunity and stress.  

After years of study and clinical practice, Emily has helped thousands of people to achieve better health - with much of the focus being on digestion.  It's one of THE MOST COMMON COMPLAINTS we have in our clinic.

After running a series of successful seminars, educating people about how digestion works, simple habits we have that promote poor digestive health, and easy things we can do to restore gut health - Emily has written this book to make this information to anyone and everyone.

If you are sick of trying to find answers yourself, want to know more about what's going on, and want help to resolve symptoms you are putting up with EVERY DAY, then this book will change your life.

You will gain:

  • A thorough understanding of the digestive process
  • Insight into what your symptoms are telling you
  • Understanding of what habits you have that are promoting poor digestion (like drinking water close to meals!)
  • All the other systems and symptoms digestion affects (like hormones, weight and immune function!)
  • Easy tips and tricks to make a positive change in your life and health
  • Break-down of where you are at now, what your health goals are, and realistic coaching to actively get there
  • Control over your symptoms (like bloating and reflux!)

"I am blown away by how intense digestion is - I never thought about what happened after I ate, and I realise now how many things I have been doing that means I don't digest my food properly.  I always thought there was something wrong with my gut, and now I know it's HOW I eat that was causing my problems.  I've tried to fix my gut for years, and have a healthy diet, and little did I know I wasn't getting the benefit of that because I wasn't absorbing half the good stuff!  Thank you so much.  This has changed my life, and I'm so glad my kids are learning these good habits as well."  Sarah K, 32, Peregian QLD

"I love the way this book focuses on making a change for the person.  It's not just - do this, do that.  It really teaches you how to care for your body, and I have so much respect for my digestion now.  Small changes really create big differences."  Thomas L, 58, Perth WA

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