Period Troubles

As females, we put up with a lot - and having troubles with your period can have a dramatic effect on your life.  Did you know that having period pain is actually abnormal?  A crazy thought in this day and age, where it seems those that suffer from period pain far outweigh those that don't.  You aren't alone if you have an irregular menstrual cycle, painful periods or hormonal mood swings and acne.  

It seems the only answer in the medical system for anything hormonally related is the oral contraceptive pill.  For those looking for a different approach, natural health might be what you're after.  Depending on what part of your period is causing you issues, we can use herbs that are shown to regulate hormones, reduce pain and increase circulation.  Taking into account nutritional deficiencies is an important part of treatment as well, with common deficiencies in zinc and B vitamins (if you're on the pill), and iron (if you have heavy periods).  Inflammation is also a big player in painful periods, which is where our nutritional expertise allows for long-term supporting change.

If you need help coming off the pill, want a second opinion about how to have less painful periods, would like to be free of hormonal ups and downs affecting your life every month, or even want to talk about fertility, we're here for you.