Pathology & Testing

Our Naturopaths and Nutritionists are fully accredited, and are able to refer for pathology testing.  Pathology options available include:

-General Wellness Check (inclusive of iron studies, liver function test, and inflammatory markers) 

-Lipid Screening (complete cholesterol studies)

-Thyroid profiling (extensive and general options available, including RT3, T3, T4, TSH, antibodies, urinary iodine, PTH)

-Inflammatory markers (CRP, homocysteine)

-Genetic testing (haemochromatosis, MTHFR mutations)

-Urinary pyrroles 

-Glucose and diabetic screening

-Coeliac testing

-Male Hormone Check

-Female Hormone Check

-Vitamins A, B complex, D, E, K, zinc and magnesium


Other available testing includes:

-Food intolerance testing (testing immune reaction against 59 different foods)

-Food sensitivity testing (biocompatibility/bio-resonance testing against 500 different foods and household items)

-Heavy metal testing (muscle scan of palm using spectrophotometry technology to see levels of toxic elements within the body)

-Mineral testing (included in above heavy metal scans)

-Urinary and salivary pH testing (denoting acidity levels)

-Ketone testing (for those on weight management programs)

-Blood sugar testing (finger-prick test done on-the-spot)

-Blood pressure testing (done the old-school way... no electronic machines)

-Environmental and inhalant sensitivity testing (testing immune reaction)