Release and relax with massage…

No matter what sort of life we live, stress is part and parcel of the human experience; mental, physical, emotional.

Our muscles can hold onto these patterns of stress and cause knots, pain, tension, headaches and even restriction of movement.

Some bodies out there are also a little imbalanced, whether it be from craning the head and neck over the computer most of the day, sleeping in awkward positions, sitting for long periods, a lack of exercise or even too much exercise!

Our muscles are covered by a cling-wrap like tissue called the fascia, and it is often the fascia that requires movement and release in order to bring about structural changes that are needed for long term postural changes that will eventually reduce the symptoms associated with poor posture and consequent muscle tension.

Whether you just want to relieve a little tension with some heat and relaxation massage, or you’d like to work deeper on musculoskeletal problems and pain with remedial massage, we’ve got your back (pun intended).

Our amazing massage therapist, Cathrine Dinnie, is a warm and passionate massage therapist, trained in almost every technique that massage has to offer.  

Styles & Prices

Remedial or relaxation massage

  • 30 minute $45

  • 45 minute $60

  • 60 minute $85

  • 90 minute $120

  • Add $10 for optional extras including cupping, hot stones & aromatherapy

Pregnancy massage

  • 60 minute $100

  • 90 minute $135

Lymphatic drainage + reflexology also available!