Michelle Dornbusch

Always intrigued by natural health, Michelle first fell in love with massage after battling with glandular fever at the early age of 18.

Feeling the relief of stress and pain after her sessions and how this was such a big part of her recovery, Michelle started studying massage in her early 20’s. She wanted to share the gifts of relaxation and pain relief with those that were suffering like she had.

Michelle has been a massage therapist for the last 15 years’, starting out in a day spa before moving into the clinical environment to work with chronic health conditions, like migraines, injury and chronic pain.

Michelle is also a specially trained Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage. She was motivated to learn how to provide relief to pregnant women after struggling to find any therapist that would give her more than a relaxation massage while she was pregnant herself.

She is incredibly passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, assisting their bodies and minds on their way to wellness, and being able to provide restorative and calming support through the healing power of touch.

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