Cathrine Dinnie

Feeling fed up in the daily grind, Cathrine asked herself what she wanted to do with her life and her time that would bring her joy. Massage, it was!

Cathrine threw herself into her studies and has learned over ten different massage techniques to help restore calm and relaxation to the body. From Swedish relaxation to hot stone to remedial to reflexology, Cathrine truly has talented hands!

Although Cathrine works with a diverse array of clientele, she absolutely loves treating women. She loves being the person that can provide them with an hour or so out of their daily life, the daily hustle, the expectations and go-go-go, so that they can be with themselves for a moment, in peace, quiet and nurturing hands. After her own recovery from adrenal fatigue, Cathrine truly understands and appreciates the power of these moments.

Cathrine is incredibly passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, assisting their bodies and minds on their way to wellness, and being able to provide restorative and calming support through the healing power of touch.

From relieving muscular tension with hot stones and cupping to working remedially for deeper tissue release, Cath can shift your pain, no matter what form it takes. 

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