Immune System

The immune system keeps us alive and well by fighting disease, and building immunity to known pathogens (aka nasty things that make us sick) such as bacteria and viruses.  Many have poor immunity due to dietary choices.  This commonly results in frequent infections, skin conditions, coughs, colds, and bacterial or fungal overgrowth.

An increase in autoimmunity has been noted for years, which is an area of interest to our practitioners and something you may suffer with. Autoimmune disease means the immune system has identified a tissue within the body as a pathogen, and started attacking it.  This causes an increased inflammatory response and damages the targeted organ.  

Overprescription of antibiotics can also have a big impact on the immune system, and you may notice that you get ill in the months after having antibiotics.  Maybe the antibiotics haven't actually helped the problem they were prescribed for at all!  This is where natural health can help.

Our practitioners work closely with nutrition and lifestyle advice, like simply ensuring you're getting vitamin D, to help improve immunity.  Herbs and nutrients are also a fabulous way to support immune function, and increase immunity for those that pick up whatever is going around.