Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing


Personalised dietary support is integral in helping the body restore, rebalance and repair.  Our Naturopaths and Nutritionists work very closely with in-house tests to ensure only the right foods for your body are promoted.

With the huge variety of foods consumed on a daily basis in our world, it is nearly impossible to identify what foods you might be sensitive to.  It is common to find the foods we are reacting to are foods consumed on a daily basis, and healthy foods, such as vegetables and nuts.  Our Food Intolerance Test brings about quick identification of what foods could be responsible for your symptoms, and how to move forward with effective and personalised dietary support.  One option available is a biocompatibility hair test, covering 500 common food and household items. This test is $285 and requires just a small sample of hair.  You can even send us in the sample and payment details by filling out this form and find a copy of the sample report here.  

Our other option is a finger prick blood test, which is performed by our practitioners in-house with same-day results available.  This test is $299 and includes 59 most common reactive foods, such as gluten, wheat, corn, soy, milk. See exactly what's covered here.  This test identifies foods which may be contributing to inflammation and immune responses, and is incredibly helpful in autoimmunity, skin problems, digestive problems such as IBS, and for general preventative health.

As both tests use very different technology and approaches, we use your symptoms and age to determine which test would be most suitable.  Both tests offer valuable insight into your body's unique needs, and we often start with one test and utilise the other test further into treatment if necessary.  Food testing is available as part of our Foundation Package, which we recommend to everyone as the first step to addressing your health concerns.

I was experiencing explosive diarrhoea nearly every day, which was impacting my ability to work and have a social life. After being fed up, I did the hair test and my diarrhoea stopped within the week of cutting out the foods recommended.
— Kim S, Sunshine Coast, 4551
Emily did a food intolerance test for me and I had the results that day! I’ve got so much more energy and better digestion from knowing what to eat and what to avoid.
— Samantha T, North Lakes 4509