The Truth About Weight Loss - Community Event

The Truth About Weight Loss - Community Event


Tried every diet under the sun but still end up back at square one?

Frustrated with the cycle of losing weight and regaining it?

Do you feel uneasy and almost untrusting of food, and that what you eat defines how you feel about yourself… and how hard you feel you need to work out?

Do you want to feel comfortable in your skin, and know what’s right for your body when it comes to food and movement?

Are you ready to try something new; something revolutionary?

No, not another diet… but understanding the inner workings of and healing your relationship with food?

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From a lifetime of poor body image and yo-yo dieting, our Naturopath and Weight Management Specialist, Wendy Burke, recognised from her own experience and results that the most essential key in losing weight and keeping it off is not restrictive dieting (shock!), but a healthy relationship with Self and food.  

Join Wendy in our upcoming juicy community event, as we uncover all aspects behind the dieting industry and all that’s missing when it comes to achieving true, long-lasting results. 

We will be exploring:

  • Evidence-based research and resources around diet and exercise (most of which will shock you!)

  • Alternatives to restrictive dieting practises

  • How to dig deeper and understand your habits around food

  • Tools to heal your relationship with food and easy ways to implement them

Bookings essential, spaces limited.

When: Wednesday August 29, 6.30-8PM

Where: Verve Natural Health, Level 2/1642 Anzac Avenue (above The Brew Testament)

Cost: $15, with all proceeds going to The Butterfly Foundation (a lovely charity providing support for eating disorders and body image issues, and founders of Love Your Body week)

Booking info: Add to cart & book online or feel free to contact us :)