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Eat better and feel better!

Confession: I am 110% sick of seeing "healthy role models" telling others that there are NO EXCUSES when it comes to health.  Anyone with a family, job, kids to run around after, while still trying to figure out 1) what to cook and 2) when to fit that in, knows that these "excuses" are in fact part and parcel with being a human being.

Of course, for a health professional, the focus of their day-to-day is predominately on healthy eating, exercise and everything in between, and what is achievable for someone working full-time in the health industry is not necessarily so for the majority of their audience... who are working full-time and dealing with everyday stressors.

Being a human being is pretty full on, and "excuses" like ....

  • I've been depressed for two weeks and am just happy to have gotten out of bed today... or
  • I've been caring for everyone else because that's a responsibility I've absorbed myself in... or
  • I am trying to understand my own health issues and am feeling totally lost... or
  • I have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to making a change


The more pressure that's put on us, the more frustration and resentment we harbour towards ourselves when we can't live up to unrealistic expectations (which certainly is not a state of mind that nurtures health). When we feel love and pride and confidence within ourselves, making positive change is EASY. So, why is no one focusing on the mindset that is so essential for the change in attitude and behaviour?

In this complimentary mini ebook, I discuss the cycles of intention and attitude to become aware of when it comes to making ANY change. We focus on the revolutionary idea of making change based on love, not fear.

Get your copy today - - - it's full to the brim with beautiful recipes and positive inspiration. It's time to put the focus on self-love, and the flow-on, positive changes that naturally happen when we genuinely want what's best for us.