Botanical Bodywork™ Coming Soon…

Botanical Bodywork is all about rekindling the traditional and ancient ways of herbalism, like applying dried herbs to the body in poultices and presses, and using plant-infused oils and decoctions on the skin.

Like most of our ideas, this has been conceived from a longing to do more and serve on a greater holistic level. 

We can use Botanical Bodywork to help calm the nervous system, invigorate and calm the skin, help the intestines, reduce swelling… and the list goes on. 

This sort of application of herbs was the mainstream decades and even hundreds of years ago, and we are really excited to rebirth the art of traditional herbalism in this modern day, where it seems to have been forgotten.

If you are interested in experiencing the art of Botanical Bodywork, please let us know so we can be in touch to share some of our first treatments with you.