Which body-type are you?

In our amazing personalised health testing (ph360) available in the clinic, we can determine which body-type you are to give extremely comprehensive individualised advice around all things health.  There are six health type categories on the wheel and, yes, you can be influenced by two types depending on exactly where you sit on the wheel.

But, here's a quick way to get an idea of the main physical and personality traits of these 6 health types... by imagining you've walked into a party…..fast forward two hours later…..

Which one of them are you?

The Activator

Oh yeah!  You might be on the table dancing already - you may have even attempted a backflip off it because someone either dared you to or said you would be the winner of the party if you could do it. Your natural inclination to athleticism means you just might pull it off!  It will only be if you land badly and hurt yourself that you might learn a) not to do it again or b) get better at it before you do it again!  Your naturally higher testosterone, adrenaline, noradrenaline and serotonin means that you will take these risks because you believe you will be just fine so you don’t always think through potential consequences.

If you are at party for two hours or longer then there must be a good variety of people to talk to and things to do because sitting around doing nothing or doing the same thing over and over again is definitely not your thing!  You may have already accidentally offended someone by being direct in your opinions or words.  You don’t mean to offend people, it's just this fire that bubbles inside of you and pops out sometimes...  You probably said “I was just saying what everyone else was thinking…”.

Older Activators may have learnt the effects of their directness over time through arguments or broken friendships and may no longer be as direct. You may have been called a pocket rocket in the past because you are not a naturally tall person but can have such strong bursts of energy.  If you don’t get enough movement you will get cranky and unhealthy.  If you haven’t eaten in two hours... right now you might be looking for something to eat as you could be getting hangry and that’s never pretty...

The Diplomat

You are not generally the life of the party but people at some point do find themselves drawn to you because you are interesting to talk to – you love sharing and receiving information.  In fact, two hours into the party you will be off to the side somewhere having an excellent discussion with someone or a couple of people that will likely be about facts or science type subjects – you generally don’t do boring conversation.  It’s unlikely to degenerate into an argument though because you are called a Diplomat for a reason – you do understand people’s feelings and are generally respectful of them. You’re not big on conflict.  You are probably also unlikely to have gone to the party without your friends or family as they are very important to you, and if you are enjoying yourself then your natural night owl tendencies and endurance could mean this could turn into an all-nighter!

It is possible that it is you that The Activator has accidentally offended as you can be sensitive to criticism but ironically can also be self-critical.  You come across as pretty laid back but boy if people only knew the phenomenal amount of thoughts going through your head at any one time they would be amazed!  You know what - maybe it's best that they don’t know as even you struggle with that sometimes! 

When there are too many thoughts and possibilities then you tend to have a bit of trouble getting started with a project.  Analysis paralysis. This happens particularly when you are stressed, even though you have a high capacity to manage stress. Stress drops your serotonin levels (feel good hormone) and you are quite sensitive to this. Once you have committed to a project (or person) there is no stopping you.

If you were running late to the party because you were rushed then you were likely to arrive cranky – being rushed is one of your pet hates as you like to work to your own schedule.  Right now though, you are wondering where the dessert tray is.  You know there is one because you called the party organiser to see what the plans for the party are and to see if you can bring something. Also being pushed to hurry up really made you feel stressed and you do tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth when under stress….

The Crusader

Two hours into a party you are deep in conversation with someone about whatever mission or project that you have going on.  Not just anyone though – it is most likely someone who can help you in your purpose or at least understands it and can see the logic in it.  That’s you – the logical man with the “why” brain.  Yes, that was no slip – the majority of Crusaders are male.  Purpose is actually very important for your overall health and it's most likely that you have been described as driven in the past – and perhaps even a workaholic if your work is your passion. 

You have forgotten to eat on numerous occasions because you were so engrossed in what you were doing that you didn’t want to stop.  You are handy to have around to get things done but your lesson is that taking some downtime will improve your productivity!  Your dopamine driven brain likes to achieve and it's important that you know this – if your goals are too far reaching and you don’t achieve them you may get a dopamine crash but if you also have no goals you will be out of balance and you may seek an unhealthy dopamine reward loop.  Dopamine helps control your reward and pleasure centre, so you get where this could head if it was unhealthy. 

A check list or spreadsheet is most definitely your thing!  You may have also accidentally offended someone at the party but for a different reason than the Activator.  You speak logic not feelings, so you are more concerned that your words are right than how they may be received by others. You don’t mean to be rude, it’s just your factual brain – touchy feely is not your thing! You may have tried to bulk up physically in the past and realised that you can only get so big – physically you just don’t have the genes for huge muscle growth.  Right now though, you have spotted a person on the other side of the room that you know is going to be able to help you with your project so you are making a bee-line for them….

The Guardian

You are probably not going to be "the life" of the party but there is a better than average chance that you will be around people as nothing makes you happier than friends and family.  It's also a good bet that someone may be pouring their heart out to you as you are a calm listener and you are a natural nurturer. In fact, you often ignore your own needs in favour of helping other people with theirs.  Your calm and laid-back nature doesn’t mean you are necessarily quiet though – you can be quite loud in your expression and you may even be stubborn on occasions. 

If there is a fire and you have to evacuate the building that the party is at then you are likely to be carrying people who need help over your shoulders as you walk down the stairs... for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t usually move quickly but wow, are you strong! (Think potential weight lifters strong). Secondly, of course you want to help people - that’s who you are!  If you are at a party for two hours or more then you feel safe, comfortable and there are people you love there. 

Safety and stability is important to you; family, housing, financial, food, employment etc.  In fact, they are so important that your health will suffer if those areas are suffering. Your loyalty is unmatched by any other health type and this is the basis for your relationship building. You are not a naturally lean person, potentially on the taller side and are likely to have more than your share of battles with your weight in the past. You have probably been called “big boned” as well.  Right now though you have your eyes on your friend who looks like she has drunk too much and might need your help…..

The Sensor

You have gone home.  The noise was deafening, and it was everywhere – there was no place that you could escape to.  It was almost like an assault on your nervous system. In addition to this, it was freezing there, and you HATE the cold! Plus, people who you hardly know were trying to hug you. You don’t really know them well, why would they think that this was appropriate?  Honestly, people just don’t use their brains sometimes.

Why are you so sensitive to noise and party environments? You have a heightened nervous system so constant exposure to noise, movement, people, lights etc is incredibly draining for you.  If you can escape somewhere and go within then this at least will give you a chance to regather your strength. 

Also, occasionally people annoy you. It’s not that you’re not a people person, it’s just that you don’t feel the need to share information about yourself unless asked and you don’t feel the need to fit in if you don’t want to.  You are who you are, and you are generally very fiercely independent with a mind of your own.  You are a lover of logic but because you have such an active nervous system you are often creative as well.  You are naturally leaner with fine bone structure and because you are generally pretty in tune with yourself you have worked out that your body needs carbs.  Oats, some grains, starchy veggies – you might have even tried a low carb diet once and crashed badly on it.  You’re not really a fad type person though so you might not have bothered.  You can put muscle on but not bulk, you just don’t have the genes. Right now though, you would much rather hang out with a couple of good friends where it isn’t so noisy…..

The Connector

Well, haven’t you been busy!  Two hours in and you have probably hugged and said hello to more people at the party than anyone else.  You actually do need to be hugged and touched because physical touch releases oxytocin, which you are sensitive to.  Oxytocin has been called the love hormone but it's more related to trust and bonding. If you are not hugged or touched, then your levels can drop and this will affect your health.  You also probably know more people at the party than anyone else – you are social and you do have a bit of a habit of collecting friends! It’s partly because you have an amazing ability to read other people’s emotional cues with a heightened sense of empathy. This allows you to connect with them, creating this trusted relationship that is important to you!  If people or places lose your trust though, you are likely to give up and quit.

You do like feeling special and recognised and you do love a good compliment – sometimes you will engage in an unhealthy behaviour because everyone else is doing it.  Quite the opposite to the Sensor you are ALL about connections and people.  You love a fun time with loads of variety.  Actually, the need for variety and change can be tricky for you sometimes as you do have a bit of a habit of not sticking to the one thing and can chase butterflies or go after bright and shiny things! 

Physically you have such great potential for exercise, with a combination of athleticism of the Activator and strength of the Guardian.  You have probably worked out by now this is best done in a group environment where there is a variety otherwise you probably won't stick to it long term because it gets sooooo boooooooring.

You are very visually orientated so working somewhere drab and dull will drain the life out of you! You need some sort of colour around you for you to feel happy.  Because of this you will likely have some sort of creative flair.  When you are stressed you are likely to turn to kids and dogs to get that oxytocin requirement.  Right now though, you just spotted your friend walk in and you have not seen them in aaaaages so you are so going over there to give them a huge hug!


Which body-type are you?

It's amazing how much our health can be unravelled by food, social, exercise and purpose-driven factors.  All of these things are not the "normal" or "regular" thing to be addressed when it comes to wellness - - - but we know better!  

If you'd like to know more about the ph360, you can read more here, otherwise get in touch with us or let us know if you are interested in attending a free information evening with our ph360 SuperCoach, Wendy Burke.



Emily Banks