The Importance of Treating YOU, Not Just Your Disease

There are so many things that I love about Naturopathy...  The interconnectedness and exploration of mind, body, spirit; the fundamental belief that, given the right tools, the body has the capacity to heal and I especially love that Naturopathy (and in particular our practise at Verve) focuses on treating the person - not the disease

The importance of this principle -treating the person and not the disease- was shown to me again just last week when I had two beautiful new patients who were both suffering from PCOS and both wanting to get pregnant.  (For those who are not familiar with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, getting pregnant sometimes can be a bit tricky as PCOS affects your hormone levels). 

At first glance you might think, same syndrome same treatment plans - but no!  As it turns out, these ladies ended up with quite different treatment approaches!  

After my initial consultation with these two patients (that included a detailed history since birth, current health markers such as diet, movement, menstrual cycle, gastrointestinal functions, stress inputs, happiness (soooooo important in health!) just to name a few) it showed very clearly that whilst these two ladies were labelled with having the same syndrome, the drivers behind the syndrome were quite different. 

One had a host of viruses present for many years of her life which affected her health, while one had a more classical picture of high insulin levels which in turn affected her hormone levels. 

Same syndrome but two very different sets of factors that were influencing it.  The result?  Two unique, individualised treatment plans with two different focuses... even though the syndrome name and the goal was the same.

You are not your disease. 

You are not your syndrome. 

You are the sum of your history, environment, thoughts, genes, stress levels, lifestyle choices and soooo much more.  Any health treatment should reflect this... in fact, we believe it must reflect this for there to be any long-lasting change or resolution. 

It takes time and care to uncover all of these factors for each individual, but it is imperative so that the individual person can be treated, not just their health issue.

Not only has the foundation of personalised healthcare been reaffirmed for me because of these two similar but very different patients... but the foundation we have built here at Verve of #knowlovecare shines through, as always, reminding us that only by knowing ourselves deeply are we able to truly care for ourselves properly.


Wendy Burke

(Naturopath, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, proudly individual in this world)