To Dance Again - One of Many Success Stories of the 500 Hair Test

One beautiful Saturday morning I had a client come to see me, referred by another client that had been helped dramatically by my herbal intervention.  It’s always a little buzz when people come from a referral, but also sets you up for high expectations.  So, there we are, discussing all the issues going on for this lovely woman.  The stress in her life was amazing, with her hubby working away, her workplace treating her terribly and her main outlet for it all, dancing, taken away from the pain she was experiencing on a daily basis.  She had gut issues, experiencing indigestion nearly every night, which was affecting the four hours of sleep she was managing to get.  Digestion, stress and peri-menopausal symptoms aside, her main concern was actually fluid retention and joint pain that she was experiencing in her knees.  

As it turned out, she had experienced a major trauma to her knee which meant that she basically had no ligament in it anymore.  As you can imagine, to do Spanish dancing, a ligament in the knee makes all the difference!  She had done physiotherapy to try to help but was finding that the only approach she was being given was to simply do nothing at all; reduce movement, stop dancing, say goodbye to walks on the beach

She loved to move, which was needed for the stress in her life as well, and she tried to keep dancing but the pain was too strong afterwards, and it would take her nearly a week to recover!  She also had pain in her fingers, and noticed that her knees were very “fluidy” and swollen.  With cases like this, it’s best to start things simply.  So, we did.  We did the 500 Hair Test so that we could immediately remove inflammatory foods from her diet.  I also gave her a simple alkalizing formula with some cherry seed and magnesium to help with the fluid retention and joint pain.  I gave her a progress report to fill out each week, with the percentage that symptoms had improved in regards to joint pain, fluid retention, reflux and indigestion.  We scheduled our next visit in a month’s time, neither of us too sure how she would respond.

Four weeks later, I wasn’t the only one amazed at the results achieved through diet alone.  This beautiful woman had listed 100% improvement on all problems!  Not only was her indigestion gone and was she sleeping through the night for the first time in her life, she was dancing again.  She told me she felt so good by the first week, and the pain in her knee had reduced so much, she figured, bugger it, I’ll give dance a go.  To her delight, and mine as well, she recovered quickly and experienced no pain or limping afterwards!  One month of cutting out some foods and a bit of supplemental support and she was dancing three times a week.  I have to admit, I wasn’t even expecting such phenomenal results, but it goes to show the power of the diet when it comes to supporting or decreasing inflammation.  We continue to work with her diet and herbal remedies to support her metabolism and get her to her goal weight, but the impact that the 500 Hair Test had on her results speaks for itself. 

Being able to personalise and optimise one’s diet is the true basis of health and healing, and without individualised testing there’s just no way to know what’s right for you.  There is no one-size-fits-all with diet, or with health for that matter. 

By Emily Banks, Directing Naturopath @ VERVE

*This is a genuine testimonial story. This is not intended to diagnose or offer medical advice. Consult your healthcare professional if you are experiencing similar issues.