The Importance of Mindset in Achieving Good Health

I see many patients that are stressed, zapped for energy, gaining weight, making dietary and lifestyle choices that don’t resonate with them, and after a day of work and caring for others, they often can’t get to sleep because their mind is in overdrive – but their bodies are crying out for a rest!

Through my education of the body, and my own personal experience feeling this way, I know how easy it is to adapt to a new level of “normal”.  When this stress first kicks in, we realise that we aren’t in balance; we know we aren’t functioning at our optimal.  Often in these first steps of imbalance – feeling tired, stressed, not getting good quality sleep, eating poorly – we think, hey, I’ve got to change this.  But, before we know it, there we are three months down the track feeling the same, if not worse, and we haven’t got around to making those positive changes to get back into balance.  No judgement here.  Life is busy.  Life is stressful.  I’m a woman too.  We all take on that caring persona, and whether it’s a natural instinct or a conditioned role, we normally put others needs before our own, especially for the F word (FAMILY!).

My question to you is; how long is this going to last?  And at what point did the health and wellbeing of someone else trump your own?  We can only give from a full cup, otherwise we are left dry with nothing to give and no one to help.  The importance of taking time for yourself, even for something small like a relaxing bath or a 20-minute walk, is paramount in being able to check in with yourself, your emotional body, your thoughts and feelings, and redress things that may not be in check with your goals.

Without proper nourishment, our bodies begin to fall into a state of lack.  We can’t function properly and quickly fall into imbalance.  When we are imbalanced, we often become dependent on the stress response, and get through the day with hundreds of hits of adrenalin.  Our nervous system becomes wired.  We become tired and exhausted, because we’re fuelling our bodies with chemical hormones not food.  An imbalanced nervous system affects our sleep, so we wake up tired.  We then eat whatever is around, something quick and easy, because we’re so fatigued.  The cycle continues.  How long will you let this go on until you put yourself first and give your body the nourishment, the care, the love and the support that it needs? 

The first step in getting back into balance is changing your mindset, and completely stepping into a space of care and acceptance of your body, just how it is.  Take some deep breaths and check in with your systems.  How is your gut?  What is your energy like?  What sorts of thoughts are floating around your head all day?  Ones of stress and urgency – like a little chimp yelling at you – or maybe ones of negativity and neglect – usually stemming from the way that you’re physically feeling. 

Being a devoted yogini, people often say to me, “I’d love to do yoga, but I can’t because I’m too inflexible”.  That’s not an excuse, that’s a perfect reason to get started.  It’s the same with your health.  “I’d love to eat better, but I can’t because I’m too tired”.  Let’s turn that around – “I need to eat better because I’m so tired”.  That makes more sense!  Don’t wait until you’ve hit rock bottom to address your health.  Don’t wait until you can’t stand the pain, the bloating, the runs, the headaches, the sporadic periods, the weight gain, the constant battling off illness.  If you take the time to check in with yourself and address imbalances as they come up, the body has a much quicker response time to heal.  If you wait until you’re incapacitated by it, it takes much more time to rebalance the body.

So, the key here is mindset.  Integrate some self-love into your life in small steps by taking those 20 minutes each day to do something that’s benefitting you.  From there, healthier habits will naturally form as you slowly appreciate the fact that your physical health and emotional wellness is the most important thing you have to take care of in this life.  Without that, we’re no good to anybody else. 






Emily Banks