The Gut Universe - Continued!

Linking on from our last blog, introducing the crazy world that is our gut eco-system, we were left wondering how to keep some sort of balance in such an intertwined environment.

How do we keep the balance right?

At Verve we provide personalised advice and strategies for you but in general there are six main pointers to keep your ecosystem in balance and functioning at its best;

1.     Eat unprocessed food (ie. Get your fruit and veggies in!) 

What you eat is also what your microbes eat.  The beneficial bacteria that help your body function well thrive on fibre and foods that have vitamins and minerals in them.  The less beneficial bacteria thrive on sugar and highly processed food.  Changing your diet to a wholefood diet can start to change your microbial balance in as little as a day.

2.     Manage stress levels.

Stress has an immediate and detrimental effect on the balance of microbes in your gastrointestinal system. It’s a vicious cycle because these bacteria also help produce the hormones that keep you calm.

3.     Don’t smoke.

This is just another reason to give up really.  I don’t want to nag but there are no health benefits to smoking.

4.     Get some exercise.

Surprised?  Studies have linked regular exercise results in greater diversity of microbes in humans.  Any exercise, just get moving.

5.     Get some sleep.

Sleep is an incredibly powerfully piece of the health puzzle and your gut microbes are just one of many things that are affected by sleep - or lack of.

6.     Reduce your exposure to chemicals.

This could be its own blog and it is where we are going in our next blog when we look at antibiotics. In short, be aware that chemicals in your home, in your beauty and hygiene products, antibiotics that are taken, chemicals on food, plastics we use and in the atmosphere have an effect on the balance on your microbiota. I’m not suggesting that you seal yourself in a bubble but it’s worth pursuing where possible some lower chemical options in basic items like household cleaners and beauty products.

The more we learn about how our body works the more in awe of it I become.  Understanding the exquisitely balanced system that lives on and in us, helping us be the healthiest we can be just makes me want to look after it even more.  I am also loving that science is proving what the natural medicine industry has always practiced – good health starts in the gut.

At Verve we can assist you get your ecosystem balanced to help you be the healthiest you can be. Book an appointment with us to start your individualised journey into health.

By Wendy Burke, Nutritionist, Naturopath and Personal Trainer

Ps. As discussed, stayed tuned as we have a chat about antibiotics in our next blog. Nope, it’s not a rant – just a couple of things to watch out for.

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