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Why Has Stopping THE PILL Made My Skin Worse?

One of the most common problems when coming off the pill (and usually a contributing factor to choosing to go on the pill!) is skin outbreaks and acne.  Why is this happening?  Read on to understand the bacterial and hormonal drivers behind acne, and what you can do to get a head start in clearing up your skin, from the inside out.

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3 Things You Need To Know About The Pill

Many women are put on the pill (otherwise known as the OCP - oral contraceptive pill) in their teenage years to regulate any sort of anomalies that may occur in the menstrual cycle.  Like antibiotics, the pill can be an overprescribed medication in the medical industry, which begs Emily to ask the question; is this just because it's easier to prescribe than to address issues going on with the complicated menstrual cycle?

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