Raw Sushi Recipe

Ingredients (makes two full rolls)

¼ head of a full cauliflower or ½ head of a half cauliflower, pulsed in food processor until chunky rice texture is formed

1 palm size portion cooked free range chicken, diced or 1 palm size portion salmon, raw and diced

¼ avocado, sliced in thin strips

1 cucumber, sliced finely lengthways

2 x Nori sheets

Note - you can use any fillings you like!!

Optional: 1 tsp Tamari soy sauce or Coconut Amino Sauce (soy free alternative)


1.     Lay Nori sheet out on flat surface (preferably chopping board)

2.     Using a tablespoon or fork, use half your cauliflower rice to create a small, long mound of cauliflower along the end of the Nori sheet closest to you, leaving a 1 cm gap between the edge of the Nori roll and the beginning of the cauliflower portion

3.     Place ½ your portion of chicken or salmon behind the cauliflower mound

4.     Place ½ your portion of cucumber on top of the cauliflower mound

5.     Place ½ your portion of avocado on top of the cucumber

6.     Optional: sprinkle 1 tsp Tamari soy sauce or Coconut Amino Sauce along the mound of sushi ingredients

7.     Use 1 tsp water and sprinkle it along the edge of the Nori sheet furthest away from you (this will help it stick)

8.     Grab the 1cm of Nori sheet closest to you and gently fold up so that it meets the edge of the sushi filling

9.     Add some slight pressure and begin to slowly roll the Nori sheet up, applying equal pressure and guidance along the entire length of the roll.  Keep rolling evenly until you reach the top watered edge of the Nori sheet, which will stick it all together

10.  Ensure the watered edge always remains at the bottom of the roll (eg always touching the surface of your plate or cutting board)

11.  Chop your Nori roll into small pieces, 2 medium sized pieces or enjoy as is.  Make sure you keep your ends pinched with your fingers while eating as things can get a little messy!


Emily Banks