Mirror Mirror On The Wall - A Poetic Ode To The Gym Selfie

This blog was inspired by a client of a PT colleague.  The client was despairing that after a year she had not been able to get back to the same shape and weight as pre baby despite working out and eating healthy food.  My colleague explained that sometimes after children your body changes and it may not go back to the same shape as it was.  Her client sadly reflected on all of the body mums selfies that she had seen on her Instagram feed whose bodies did go back to the way they were.  It really got me thinking about the impact that social media is having on our perception of body image and I must admit the gym selfie has annoyed me for some time now.  I love seeing footage of people that are reaching new personal bests in lifting, yoga poses, running, swimming, riding etc. but I don’t think the focus on looks is healthy for our long term body image.  So I wrote a poem. As you do.

Oh mirror, mirror,

On the gym wall

Who’s got the best,

Ab crack of them all.


If I twist to the left

And take the photo from high,

That should smooth out

The dimple in my thigh.


I’ll give you a duck-face,

Full lip pout

And I might even get,

My cleavage out.


The lightings just right

Make up has no flaw

Put it through a filter app

And that will be all.


Ashy, Emily, Demi and Kim -

You know the names.

They are the queens of the

Fitspo selfie game.


They say it’s about health

But that’s really funny

Cause it’s all about likes

That translates into money.


So now what we see

At every gym in the land

Is people at mirrors

With smart phones in hand.


Your poses get copied

Then it’s on all of our feeds

It sadly forms the growth

Of poor body image seeds.


Get stronger, fitter and more agile

Those are great goals team

But confusing looks with health

Makes me want to scream.


So please then mirror, mirror

On that gym wall

Tell them it’s what’s inside that counts

It’s the ONLY thing that matters at all.


By Wendy Burke - Nutritionist, Naturopath, Personal Trainer and advocate for the Stop the Gym Selfie movement. (Just kidding, there is no movement like this but if you want to start one I will join in!)

Ps. Next week we are back to the gym and going over exercises that will help you lose weight…….or will they…….????