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Creating Healthy Habits - Our Mission To Make Your Life A Little Better

In a world of information overload, it's hard to know what to trust when it comes to making a difference to your health.  You might already be actively embracing healthy change, sitting in your workout gear researching about better health; or you might be looking for that first step to feel a little different, so you can commit to other lifestyle changes. No matter who you are, these tips will lead to a healthier life!

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It's Not All About WILLPOWER - How Foods Affect Our Pleasure Centre

Weight management is about so much more than "just not eating bad food".  In fact, the more negative connotations we put on food, the more emotionally-driven guilt-and-shame eating occurs.  Wendy discusses how foods affect our pleasure centre, and highlights the fact that making positive changes has only a bit to do with willpower, and everything to do with chemical addiction.

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Did You Fail The Diet or Did The Diet Fail You?

Have you ever noticed that most advertising for weight loss suggests that you must dislike yourself enough to want to change?  Are you one of the nine in ten that lost weight whilst dieting and put it back on within a year?  Let us unravel the myths and stigma around obesity and the benefits of non-dieting approaches to weight management.

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