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Mind Body Medicine - Building Body Wisdom

We are so much more than flesh and blood. Our physical bodies are constantly responding to what is happening in our emotional and mental states, yet we so often only seek help for the physical problem, denying or forgetting the role that the mind and emotions play in that physical problem. Mind body medicine explores how we can deepen our innate body wisdom by looking closely at the thoughts and feelings affecting our physical health.

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When The Smoke Creeps In - An Extract From Emily's Book

The following is an extract from Emily's book-in-progress, Taming The Big, Black Dog, to share an insight into how it feels to start falling into the pit of a depressive episode.  Emily was inspired to write it so that partners, lovers, family and friends who may not have experienced depression can have a deeper understanding of what's happening when that big, black dog starts to claw at your feet.  Please note this extract is recommended for mature readers and contains what may be considered sensitive information.

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