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Mind Body Medicine - Building Body Wisdom

We are so much more than flesh and blood. Our physical bodies are constantly responding to what is happening in our emotional and mental states, yet we so often only seek help for the physical problem, denying or forgetting the role that the mind and emotions play in that physical problem. Mind body medicine explores how we can deepen our innate body wisdom by looking closely at the thoughts and feelings affecting our physical health.

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Creating Healthy Habits - Our Mission To Make Your Life A Little Better

In a world of information overload, it's hard to know what to trust when it comes to making a difference to your health.  You might already be actively embracing healthy change, sitting in your workout gear researching about better health; or you might be looking for that first step to feel a little different, so you can commit to other lifestyle changes. No matter who you are, these tips will lead to a healthier life!

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Creating Healthy Habits - Positive Change Happens One Step At A Time

Are you sick of trying to find the right information when it comes to making healthy change?

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