A Pep Talk For The Struggling - What Do You Do When You Lose Your BUZZ?

Have you ever spent money at a healthcare centre, been given a list of things to do, and you leave feeling so pumped to get better; to be well; to finally take control of your body and mind! And then, slowly or all at once, you lose that buzz.  You’re unwell, you’re busy, it’s too hard, it tastes yuck.  There’s lots of stories why we lose our way.  But those stories aren’t important or even relevant, because it’s something much more than time or taste that we’re battling when we give up on making that change.

Us as practitioners, we’ve been sick too, and we've started down that road of healthy change a few times ourselves; sometimes turning back before it began and sometimes finding excuses why climbing that mountain just isn't for us. 

We understand that the most important thing in being able to make a change is being able to know that you can tackle those challenges, which often isn't the approach that's taken in a healthcare studio.  "Change your diet, take these herbs, exercise daily and I’ll see you next month."  No, you won’t, because you’ve been given a list of things to do that aren’t realistic, especially when you are unwell.  We know what it’s like to be busy.  We know that change is a slow and stressful thing and the most nurturing thing we can do is give you one step at a time

So, back to the start of that healthy road.  You’re all pumped up.  You’re ready for change.  You’re sick of feeling the way you do and you’ve finally had someone listen to you, investigate and easily lay out the things that need to change or be improved to feel better.  You’re so ready!  You’ve financially invested in yourself, and you know something's gotta give if you want to mover closer to your health goals.  But then, you lose your buzz

What do we do when we lose that spark? 

We need to look at what our beliefs are behind why this is happening.  When there is significant change in behaviour like that, often what’s occurred is that resounding personal beliefs that we have about our self worth, our integrity, are challenged, and we fall back into our comfort zone because... hell, it’s pretty comfortable.  And, everything stays the same.  We become disappointed in ourselves that everything has stayed the same, and frustrated that everything has stayed the same. 

So, what needs to happen to make sure that this vicious cycle can come to an end? 

We need to challenge the beliefs that are stopping us from actually putting one foot in front of the other.  We need to be gentle with ourselves and empathic and supportive, just as we would to a child in front of us that’s trying to learn something new.  We need to be patient.  We need to be appreciative of the effort that’s put in and we need to know that eventually you’ll get there. 

The hardest part of making a change is at the start because we’re moving out of our comfort zone.  We are giving ourselves an opportunity to climb the ladder and to become closer to the person that deep down we wish we were. 

It’s a terrifying thing because if you become that person that you know you can be, what other things in your life might change? 

How far does this comfort zone thing stretch?  It’s those questions and feelings that we need to face, not with fear, but with love, acceptance and patience.  We need to know that the frustration, the impatience, the anger, the discomfort that we feel... is going to end.  There's no other option when we persevere.  It will end.  All we have to do is make sure that we keep putting one damn foot in front of the other until it goes away.  And, the only way that we can really do this when it’s our own beliefs about our self worth and integrity that are being challenged is to remember that it’s just a belief.  A belief we've developed along the way, not necessarily true, not necessarily from our own feelings.  Don’t buy into it.  Keep doing that one thing that you know you need to do to get closer to being that person that you know you can be; that you know you are

The habits that we have developed that have pushed us away from being that person, those are the real things you should be frustrated at. 

The biggest thing we have to change is having patience with ourselves, and trusting in the process.  It gets easier.  The hardest part is doing it every day.  But, guess what?  We believe in you.  Even if you don’t believe in yourself just yet.  Give it your best shot.  Give it your all every day, no matter what that means.  If that means accepting where you are, great.  If that means challenging your boundaries, great.  If that means stepping outside your comfort zone, great.  If that means repeating positive actions towards positive change, just like you did yesterday, great.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve, and at how you can feel.  Nothing worth having comes easy, but nothing is worth investing in more than your own self.  Who you are bursts outwards and affects everyone around you.  Who you are teaches others, inspires others, supports others.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  And understand that it is the commitment to yourself that is most important to overcome the struggles that come with change, and to embrace and rejoice in the rewards that it brings.

Emily Banks